Sensation System Newsletter: The Source

The Source is a newsletter with all the latest news and views in the area of the Sensation System. So if you use this method, or are interested in finding out more about it, take a look at our latest edition, or our back-catalogue.

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Edition 1  


Featuring: Seminar reviews of Janet Snowdon, Geoff Johnson in the spotlight, a case by Gurmej Virk, a student's perspective on learning the Sensation Method alongside an undergraduate course, review of Bhawisha Joshis book, and plenty more.

Edition 2  

Edition 2

Featuring: Jo Daly, Misha Norland, Sujit Chatterjee, and reviews of Gurmej Virk on miasms, Sujit Chatterjee in Brighton, and the Joshis on mammals.


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