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To deliver the finest homeopathic course requires the finest homeopathic teachers. The finest teachers are those who are the finest practitioners, as the most grounded teaching, and the most effective teaching, is that which is rooted in practical experience. So all of our teachers will have thriving practices, because we believe that to be able to deliver homeopathic theory requires that you have seen it in practice, so that you may bring it alive to the student.

Gurmej trained as a scientist in the UK, before recognising the fundamental flaws in modern medicine and science, and beginning his study of Homeopathy.

His passion is the advancement of Homeopathy. He is fully conversant with the modern methods of case-taking and analysis, particularly the Sensation Method. He has trained in Mumbai with the founder of this method, and is now widely considered to be one of the best exponents of this method in the UK. He has been teaching this method to other practitioners at postgraduate level for 7 years. He set up the Aroga School of Homeopathy with Dawn Price.

Gurmej Virk is registered with the Society of Homeopaths, the largest regulatory body of the profession, which ensures that the highest possible standards of treatment are maintained, and a professional code of ethics is abided by.

Wendy Dixon at Aroga

Wendy Dixon graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from Massey University New Zealand in 1993 followed by 2 years in small animal practice.

Having been introduced to homeopathy as a child with the frequent use of remedies in the home for childhood illnesses and a holistic outlook to life, Wendy quickly became frustrated with what conventional allopathic medicine could offer. Many ailments could only be palliated, swapping clinical signs of the disease with the side effects of the medicines.

This prompted Wendy to further study, resulting in a move to the UK in 1995 to study with the Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group (HPTG) in Oxford, and graduating with a VetMFHom in 1999. A further years training with the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncture (ABVA) lead to a Certificate in Veterinary Acupuncture in 2004.

Wendy has now been working at the Towerwood Veterinary Group for 17 years, a practice that offers a full range of complementary medicines alongside the allopathic, to make use of the best of both worlds. Wendy takes referrals for homeopathy and acupuncture and has delivered lectures on both homeopathy and acupuncture at conferences and as training for veterinary nurses.

On seeing the results in her animal patients the desire grew to be able to offer the same for her friends and family, prompting Wendy to study with the Aroga School of Homeopathy on the advanced postgraduate course in the Sensation Method of case taking. Wendy had previously developed an interest in the works of Rajan Sankaran after attending a course in India back in 1996 an interest that continues to this day.

Wendy hopes in the future to set up practice working both to help heal our animal companions and also their human guardians.

Rachel Murphy at Aroga

After studying History of Art and Anthropology, Rachel pursued a career in Arts Administration with the Crafts Council, London and with Northern Arts, Newcastle upon Tyne and then with Art in Partnership in Edinburgh. It was not until she had an unwell child that she learned about homeopathy. A professionally prescribed homeopathic remedy changed everything; her child became well again and Rachel wanted to learn more. On completing a Licentiate in Homeopathic Medicine at the Northern College of Homeopathy (MNCHM) in 2005, Rachel became a registered member of The Society of Homeopaths. Since that time she has build up a private practice in central Edinburgh and worked voluntarily with local projects providing complementary therapies for low and no income individuals and families.

Rachel has taught at Stevenson College as well as given talks locally. Recently Rachel has pursued her long term interest in the “Sensation Method” and studied this way of working with Gurmej Virk, the foremost practitioner in the U.K. She now almost exclusively uses this methodology in her practice which sees consistently good results.

During her experience as a practitioner Rachel has worked with pregnant women, mothers and their children, people who wish to come off their anti-depressants, men and women suffering from life long allergies, teenagers with eating disorders, women with menstrual and menopause problems, men and women who sought supportive help prior to surgery, cancer patients who looked for help with the side effects of chemotherapy and more recently with people who have issues with their mental health. During the course of her practice she realised how similar to Person Centred counselling homeopathic case taking is. To learn more Rachel studied for a Certificate in Counselling. This has proved invaluable as it reinforced much that she had studied at college and introduced her to many new tools which she puts into practice in her teaching role at the Aroga School of Homeopathy where she runs the Professional Development programme.

Theory is put into practise in Professional Development. It is Rachel’s aim to enable students to become first class practitioners. Patient care and safety is at the heart of what we do and to sustain this in the long term, practitioners have to not only understand their patients but also need to have a thorough knowledge of their individual pitfalls and learn how to look after themselves and colleagues in a professional and supportive way. For the future health and security of the homeopathic profession, Rachel passionately believes that it is vitally important that homeopaths present themselves and practice in a professional manner. The Professional Development course will set you well on this path.


Homoeopathy has been Rachel's career :  it is rewarding, inspiring work.  When still at school, she wanted to train to be a doctor, then changed direction radically and studied Modern Languages, though still searching for a career which was person-centred.  Studying translation involved the understanding of the finer nuances of meaning, and this has proved really helpful in her homoeopathic practice.  After her son was born, she discovered Homoeopathy, and in 1983 started training - and is still in practice and still fascinated by this art and science of healing.

Her practice is very general: she have worked with adults of all ages, children and babies, women in pregnancy and childbirth.  The way she practises is based on a psychotherapeutic approach: we all benefit from talking and being heard, and this is part of the benefit we gain from a homoeopathic consultation.  The mind and body work together, and she really believes that our symptoms are a signpost to better health, not just signs of mechanical breakdown.

She is a classical prescriber, yet willing to explore new directions in Homoeopathy, and her journey continues to be rich and varied.  In her teaching she draws on many years of general homoeopathic practice, and this brings alive the philosophy and study of materia medica.  She likes to encourage students to learn also by connecting the strands of their own lives, so their life experience enhances their homoeopathic understanding, to become truly holistic practitioners.


Dr Naik has been practicing Homeopathy for the last 14 years. She completed her BHMS degree from a reputed college in India in 1996. She subsequently continued to develop her knowledge in Homeopathy by working with a leading Homeopath and attending seminars held by Dr Rajan Sankaran and lecture series in Pune by other prominent Homeopaths.

She has practiced in India, Malaysia and the UK and obtained great results in Homeopathy. Dr Naik is keen to pass on this knowledge of Homeopathy to willing and eager students. She believes in making Homeopathy interesting and fun and does this through a  systematic coverage of her subject interspersed with anecdotes about her experiences.



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