About Gurmej Virk

Gurmej is an experienced supervisor, having led tutorial groups for many years, and supervising students from all over the country in their own-case work. Gurmej is able to supervise cases taken with any methodology, and so is able to support all students whether they use the sensation method, whether they are trying to use the sensation method but their main technique is some other methodology, or even if they have never heard of the sensation method!

Gurmej has attended a supervision course in London with Jane Wood, and in Stroud with Sheila Ryan.

More generally, Gurmej has worked as a Homeopath since qualifying in 2004 from the North West College in Manchester, where he now lectures. The students find him an inspirational teacher of the Sensation Method.

An experienced tutor in the Sensation System, he delivers sessions across the Midlands and the North West. Gurmej has undertaken a high level of scientific training, and has a Doctorate from the University of Sheffield.

He travels to India regularly to study with Rajan Sankaran, and to keep abreast of all new developments in the method.

He is currently completing his first book, on the development of the Sensation System and its place in Classical Homeopathy.

Gurmej is Director of the Aroga School of Homeopathy and is firmly committed to seeing the System develop in the UK.


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