Sensation method tutorials

Working with the Sensation Method can be a little bit isolating. When problems arise, it is difficult to know where to turn, and where to go to resolve problems. The result is usually that the Method is ditched, in favour of a more conventional approach.

This is unfortunate, as the Sensation has a great deal of potential, and if practitioners persist, they are likely to see brilliant progress in their treatment success rate.

It is for this reason that this tutorial group exists. If offers a place where problems can be brought, and solutions discussed. This means that the Method is persisted with, hurdles are overcome, and giant leaps forward occur.

Gurmej works exclusively with the Sensation Method, and has many years of experience with this way of working. He is ideally suited to running such a group.

Currently there are Homeopaths from Yorkshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, and Leicestershire studying with Gurmej.

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