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What we teach at the Aroga School
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    Clinical training at the Aroga School of Homeopathy  

Clinical training

The main focus of this course is to train you to become a Homeopath, so the clinical training module is a fundamental, and vitally important part of your learning.

Our approach is to gently lead you through the process of becoming a proficient Homeopath. Initially you are taught to take acute cases, and when this skill is mastered, you will move on to taking chronic cases.

The focus in the first two years is on teaching you the skills to prescribe in an acute situation. You will be given the necessary skills to practice on your family and friends. In this way your confidence will grow, and you will develop your case-taking and analysis skills in a safe environment.

Years 3 and 4

In the final two years of the course, our attention turns to chronic cases.

Clinical experience

A vital part of learning to be a good homeoopath is observing a competent and expert practitioner in action. You will have plenty of opportunity to do this on the course, as we have a clinic day on the friday before each teaching weekend, in years 3 and 4. By keeping the clinical study in-house we can insure a high level of expertise is presented to you. Each clinic will involve observing the practitioner taking cases, and then analysing the cases with the help of the practitioner.

Own cases

When you feel sufficiently confidence you are able to start taking patient cases on your own. This process is fully supported by a supervisor, and you are guided every step of the way. There is a requirement to take a minimum of ten cases, which are presented at the end of the courses in your personal portfolio.

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