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What we teach at the Aroga School
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    Materia medica teaching at the Aroga School of Homeopathy  

Materia Medica

This module is focussed on understanding the medicines that we use to treat patients. Each remedy that we use has a unique picture, and we present many different ways to understand these pictures.

Polychrest Remedies

These are the oldest remedies that have come to be relied upon very heavily. The most information is available about these remedies, so they provide a good starting point when learning about remedies.

Acute remedies

In your first two years you will be able to take acute cases of your family and friends, and you will be given an understanding of the main remedies to use for common acute conditions.

First Aid prescribing

A wonderful use of Homeopathy is in crisis situations, such as a fall or a cut, and you will be given the skills and confidence to prescribe in these situations


This approach is a good first step in learning about remedies, where you learn the essential highlights, before covering remedies in more depth later in the course.

In years 3 and 4 we continue to explore the remedies that we use, but in a lot more depth, and the understanding is brought together in much more of a joined-up way.

Families of remedies

We now start to present remedies not as separate pictures to be learned uniquely, but as groups of remedies which share qualities with all other members of the group. Such an approach makes thousands more remedies accessible to the homeopathic practitioner.

the limitations of polychrest remedies

As your understandinig of remedies begins to increase you will increasingly begin to appreciate why polychrest remedies are so over-used, and you will learn methods to gain a greater understanding of these remedies that is far more discriminating and useful.


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