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What we teach at the Aroga School
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    Research at the Aroga School of Homeopathy  

Research methods

Research is a fundamental part of any science, and Homeopathy is no different. Good research has, and continues to develop the remedies that we have available for our patients. Research has also developed good methods for using the data obtained from research, and we will teach you the methods that are available for workign with research data.

The repertory

The major tool for using research data is the Repertory. This is a method of categorising research data, so you can find the symptoms in the data that are seen in the patient in front of you.

Developing good research skills

If Homeopathy is to maintain its position as a credible science, then it has to show that we care about the future development of the profession. In this part of the module we look at simple ways in which all practitioners can easily gather, and work with data that can help support the evidence base of homeopathy.


This is the term given to the process by which a new substance is tested and made available for use by Homeopaths.Our course will explain how this process is carried out.

Communication and report writing

If you are not used to writing reports, then do not worry. It is a relatively easy skill, which we will develop in you, so that you are quickly able to present your ideas in a way that is easily understand by everyone, homeopaths and non-homeopaths.

Managing database information

With the ever-increasing amount of information available to help a homeopath arrive at a successful prescription, it is becoming more and more useful to have basic computing skills that will allow you to access all this information. If you are not computer literate, there is no need to worry, as the process is made very simple.

Conducting a proving

In year 3 we conduct a proving on a new substance. This is a very exciting part of the course, because a new remedy is brought to the Homeopathic profession through your efforts.

Own project

By this stage of the course you will have developed a great deal of your own ideas. The personal project allows you to explore an area of particular interest to you, and to thoroughtly investigate it.

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