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Attending a day or a weekend seminar gives an insight into how the Sensation System works, but our experience is that people benefit most from a regular and sustained input, where they can not only hear about the ideas, but bring their questions and reflect on their own experience, and then go back and put this into practice.

Over the year, this course will offer the opportunity to do just this, through a variety of active learning methods. The course is not just about the theory, it’s about the practice – making this approach a part of your own practice and seeing the results of doing this.

Our intention is that by the end of the course you will:

  • Have a sound understanding of the Sensation System, its principles and practice.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of kingdoms, sub-kingdoms, miasms, potency and the seven levels.
  • Understand the distinction between active and passive case-taking, and when each is appropriate.
  • Have had opportunities to try out this method in your own cases and been able to reflect on and learn from these experiences.
  • Feel confident that you can take and analyse a case using this System.
  • Have shared your experiences and been supported in integrating the system into your practice.

This is an advanced study course, and as such there will be an expectation that students continue to read, study and implement the System in between study weekends. There will be assignments that challenge the student to explore the material that has been presented, and to incorporate it into their own methods of working.

Student discussions at break, at Aroga School of Homeopathy
Students discussing lectures during break



"For me the Aroga course made homeopathy make sense again. It restored my belief in homeopathic principles and helped me rediscover my passion for this wonderful healing system. "

Emma Roche, Cheadle

"the UK needs a 'centre' from which the focus of the cutting edge Indian Homeopathy has a voice, and your Aroga school is fulfilling this activity. It is essential for the future of Homeopathy in the UK that dialogue exists between practitioners about new Homeopathic thinking while building on the Hahnemannian tradition. So the overall aim and reason for being of Aroga I totally agree with"

Alizon Blythe, Carlisle


"Janet and Gurmej give a thorough grounding in each of the essential, underlying concepts of the method, such as the levels, miasms, kingdoms and potency selection. At every stage, they demonstrate and illustrate their points with video cases."

Anne Baker, Coventry

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