Teaching expertise

This course brings together two of the most experienced practitioners of this method in the UK. Their contrasting styles of both case-taking and teaching complement each other perfectly, and give students the full range of tools to work with.

Gurmej Virk

Gurmej has worked as a Homeopath since qualifying in 2004 from the North West College in Manchester, where he now lectures. The students find him an inspirational teacher of the method. An experienced tutor in the Sensation System, he delivers sessions across the Midlands and the North West.

Gurmej has undertaken a high level of scientific training, and has a Doctorate from the University of Sheffield. He travels to India regularly to study with Rajan Sankaran, and to keep abreast of all new developments in the method.

He is currently completing his first book, on the development of the Sensation System and its place in Classical Homeopathy.

Gurmej is Director of the Aroga School of Homeopathy and is firmly committed to seeing the System develop in the UK.

Gurmej Virk


"Developing and delivering the extensive material has been a fulfilling experience.

The Sensation Method in its entirety is a method of robustness, and this is how I have presented the teaching on the course, with a depth and breadth that enables every student to be more knowledgeable and confident in applying the method in their thriving practices.

The open environment within the course is one in which students can express their experiences, understandings and sticking points comfortably in order to apply the Method effectively.

I hope that the course gives each and every student the passion for the Method and Homeopathy that I have; that is my sincere hope for those attending the course."

Janet Snowdon

Janet has been practising Homoeopathy for over 20 years and teaching for nearly as long in many different countries around the world.

Originally she studied Homoeopathy with Dr. Thomas Maughan. After his death two of his students set up the first college and Janet completed their course. In the eighties she learnt from George Vithoulkhas.

For the last seven years she has studied with Rajan Sankaran and the Bombay School, and uses their system in both her practice and teaching.

At university she read Sociology and Anthropology and later studied Transpersonal Psychology. In 1995 she was awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Scholarship to study Traditional African medicine in South Africa.

Janet Snowdon  

"Being a teacher on the Aroga Course is exciting and fulfilling as for the first time in England the Bombay System of Homeopathy is being taught in depth over a period of time.

Instead of rushing through as much of the material as possible in a weekend there is time to explore the ideas thoroughly, discuss them at length and illustrate with plenty of cases.

The weeks between the weekends allow the students to reflect on the material and return with questions that give rise to interesting and creative discussions."

The course is delivered by one or both of the above teachers, depending on the numbers of students enrolled on the course.



"Gurmej and Janet provided very interesting lectures on the Sensation Course, their differing styles and approach giving a broad view of the subject. I also found the student discussion stimulating and helpful. The video cases were excellent - I only wish there had been more of them. "

Christine Ansons, Sheffield

"The teaching was clear and thoughtful and well presented. We had opportunities galore for discussion and time to challenge Gurmej and Janet"

Joshua Enkin, Manchester

"I've found the course extremely well organised and structured which is reflected in Gurmej's teaching style which is clear, concise, methodical, which results in ‘making sense of the sensation’ easy to absorb and a joy. Janet's teaching is totally complimentary whilst being relaxed she draws upon a wealth of knowledge and experience working with the system whilst passing on well proven gems of inspiration."

Linda Russell, Loughborough

"I cannot recommend this course highly enough… Janet Snowdon and Gurmej Virk are probably the two best practitioners and teachers of case-taking and analysis using the Sensation Method in this country."

Anne Baker, Coventry

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