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1-year Foundation Course in Homeopathy

If you would like to learn how to look after the health of your family and friends, and gain a solid understanding of the principles of Homeopathy, then this course is for you.

Over the course of the year, you will cover the elements of Homeopathic philosophy, and learn about the deeper interpretation and understanding of health and disease. From such a profound understanding, you will have the confidence and ability to take acute cases, and prescribe successfully for all the common ailments that you and your family and friends are likely to experience. And if you should find that this course ignites an interest in taking Homeopathy further, completion of this course entitles you to enter into the second year of our Licentiate course in Professional Homeopathy, where you can train to be a Professional Homeopath.

If you have recently come across homeopathy, and are fascinated by what it can do, this course is the perfect starting point. You may still be wondering about the full potential of Homeopathy, or you may want to know whether it is an area that you resonate with. You may be interested in becoming a Homeopath, but be uncertain if you can manage such a course. If any of these thoughts sound like you, then this 1 year course will clarify your thoughts and give you the confidence and ability to either carry on and become a homeopath, or complete the course and become a very good acute homeopathic prescriber for your family and friends.

In the "what we teach section" you will find information on the topics and material covered in the Foundation Course.

The "how to apply" section of this website contains information on how to apply for a place on the 1-year Foundation Course.

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  Our reputation and experience was gained from clinical practice. We have a thriving practice, with a patient-base that is worldwide. If you would like to try homeopathic treatment, or you've tried it in the past and think it doesn't work for you, have a look at the Clinic pages of our website.  

Before we started the Undergraduated School, Aroga was the leading postgraduate School in the country, teaching advanced methods to Homeopathic Practitioners. If you are a Homeopath, and would like to take your practice to the next level, consider studying on our postgraduate course.