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4-year Part-Time Course Licentiate in Homeopathic Medicine

The majority of our students enrol on the 4-year Part-Time Licentiate in Homeopathic Medicine. This course provides complete training in the Science and Art of Homeopathy, and results, we believe, in the most competent, and well-informed Practitioners of Homeopathy.

The course is thoroughly grounded in Classical Homeopathic Philosophy, but it does not stop at the teachings of Kent, which were developed over a hundred years ago. We acknowledge that illness has not stood still, and continues to develop and worsen in our societies, and therefore our healing science cannot stand still, with philosophy that was appropriate a hundred years ago.

From this perspective, we place a huge emphasis on the modern developments in Homeopathy. Whilst most other colleges would acknowledge that they teach these other methods, it is only at an introductory level. We know this to be the case, because we have students from these schools attending our postgraduate courses to bring their learning up to scratch.

At the Aroga School we teach these methods to the depth necessary to implement them in practice. We have the clinical skills, and well established teachers and practitioners of these new methods, to ensure that students can learn these new methods, and apply them in their own clinical cases, before they graduate and go into practice. Our students have no need for postgraduate study in these newer methods.

We believe that such an approach results in the most fully-trained, the most knowledgeable, and the most confident practitioners, who hit the ground running when they enter practice at the end of their four years of study.

The curriculum of the homeopathic course at the Aroga School will be balanced between the practical and philosophical sides of Homeopathic practice. It is important that a good foundation in the understanding of homeopathy is met, through classical training and diverse experienced teaching, before clinical cases are taken.

  • Philosophy & Principles of Homeopathy
  • Clinical training and practice & case management
  • Medical Sciences – Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology & Disease
  • Materia Medica - the deep understanding of individual remedies, and also the relationships between remedies in particular plant, animal or mineral groups
  • Research Methods - how remedies are tested and brought into use, and how newer methods can be studied and their utility assessed
  • Professional & Personal Development - looking at one's own position within the case taking, homeopathic and public realms
  • Supervision - why is this important, what to expect and Portfolio support and development.

Each year will follow these essential areas of core training, and each year will develop these areas in a deeper and more effective way. Unlike other courses, you will learn, understand and develop your professional side through observing cases, and remedy prescription from year 1. You will also be shown video cases from year 1 - there will be no paper cases used. This ensures that you see the full case-taking process and fully understand how cases are taken and what is required for remedy selection.

The "what we teach" section of the website gives full details of our syllabus. Here you can find more detailed explanations of what is taught in each of the main teaching modules listed above.

In order to help you consolidate the learning from each weekend, we provide assignments for you to complete. These help you to "bed-in" the knowledge that you are presented with, and most importantly, help you to identify if there are areas which need further attention. We are then able to support you in addressing these areas. Our aim in working in this way is to ensure that each student is comfortable with the pace of the learning, and no student is left behind.

At the end of each year there will be an examination on the material covered during the year. These examinations are a way of letting you express what you have learned over the year. Examinations are not used to see how much you can remember - you are allowed to bring in however many books, notes and assignments as you need. Instead, examinations are a way of you showing us how well you can use the knowledge and learning that you have gained over the course of the year.

We think examinations are vital for a profession that seeks to tackle the difficult responsibility for a patient's help. Would you go and see a doctor who had not sat any examinations?

in years 3 and 4, the assessment will be more patient-centred, as you move into taking your own cases, and observing others taking live cases in a clinical setting. You will have a fully qualified supervisor to support you in every step of the process; from taking the case, through analysing the case and formulating a prescription, to addresssing any issues that arise out of the whole process. We belive that our approach is fully supportive, whilst allowing you the space to demonstrate you developing competence as a Homeopathic Practitioner.

The course will run over 10 weekends, with one teaching weekend per month, starting in September. The full list of dates will be sent to you once your application has been received.

Each weekend will comprise teaching from 10am until 5pm. In years 3 and 4 there will a live teaching clinic on the friday preceding each teaching weekend. This will commence at 10am.

The location of the course is at the Aroga School in Unstone. Please visit the "about us" section of the website to find out more about where we are.



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