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2-year Correspondence Course in Homeopathy

If you currently do not have space in your life to commit to an attendance course, or you prefer to study in the comfort of your own home, this course is ideal for you.

The 2-year corresondence course at the Aroga School of Homeopathy is identical to the first two years of the 4-year course; the only difference is that study is completed at home. Whilst you will work at home, you will still have access to the knowledge and expertise of our teaching staff should you need help and support.

Home study provides the flexibility of working at home, at a pace that suits you. Whilst it is suggested that the course is over 2 years, you are free to take longer should you wish to.

All materials and lectures will be accessible to you to complete your training at a pace that suits your busy life or additional commitments. After successful completion of this course, you may join year 3 of the part-time Licentiate in Homeopathic Medicine, which focuses primarily on the Clinical expertise that is required for the Licentiate. You may wish to take a period 'out' prior to entering your third year. If so this course allows flexibility, and everything one would expect from good quality, supportive, professional training.

You can begin this course anytime and anywhere!

The correspondence course is completed at home, using material provided by the School. Course material comprises:

  • lectures as video files
  • powerpoint presentations
  • reading schemes
  • resource lists, including books and internet sites

The content of this material can be found in the "what we teach" section of the website. Everything taught in the first two years of the full courses is contained in the correspondence course.

On-going continuous support

This course material is supported through:

  • continous email and telephone support as and when needed
  • regular telephone, skype, or in-person tutorials

The "how to apply" section of this website contains information on how to apply for a place on the 2-year Correspondence Course.

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