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3-year Full-Time Licentiate in Homeopathic Medicine

If you have the time to fully devote to your Homeopathic Studies, the 3-Year Full-Time Course at the Aroga School is the fast-track approach to becoming a Homeopath.

The course content is identical to the 4-year course.

The first year covers all the philosophical theory and practice of the first two years of the 4-Year Part-Time Course. The learning involves attendance at ten weekends of teaching, plus additional home study in-between these teaching weekends, in the form of video lectures, and self-directed learning.

The "what we teach" section of this website contains information about the content of this course. The content of years 1 and 2 is covered in one year on this course. This makes this course extremely suitable for those students who have the time to devote to their studies, and who want to become qualified as soon as possible.

The course will run over 10 weekends, with one teaching weekend per month, starting in September. The full list of dates will be sent to you once your application has been received. Additionally, between these ten weekends there will be additional studies that you are able to carry out at home. This provides you with the flexibility to fit the coursework into your daily schedule.

From year 3 onwards there will only be the ten weekends of teaching based at the Aroga School, together with a live teaching clinic on the friday preceding each teaching weekend.

Each teaching weekend will comprise teaching from 10am until 5pm.

The location of the course is at the Aroga School in Unstone. Please visit the "about us" section of the website to find out more about where we are.

The "how to apply" section of this website contains information on how to apply for a place on the 3-year Full-Time Course.

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